Under 6 – Under 8

In Spring and Summer semesters we do soccer skills. In Fall and Winter semesters we do basketball skills.

Ensure greater success in sports later in life through building foundation of coordination, balance and agility. Kids learn to run, kick, throw, bounce, jump as well as all other main movement skills required later on to reach their maximum potential and have the greatest satisfaction as athletes.

Most athletes attempt to enter competitive sports around grade 6. At that point its too late physiologically to train many of the physical movement skills such as agility, balance and coordination. The nervous system develops early in children so these basic movements which involve the nervous system should be developed during this time ensuring future success.

Children naturally have greater self-confidence because they are prepared physically and mentally for sports decreasing the likelihood of quitting sports in the teenage years. Kids will learn to love sports so they will have a lifelong enjoyment in whatever sport they choose.

Children will also learn life skills to activate social and emotional development based on biblical principles which are proven to work in growing fully functioning and kids into successful athletes and adults. Learning outcomes include; Who Am I, Who Are You, Who is God, Treat Others Like I Want to be Treated, What Does it Mean to Win – Does That Make Me a Winner, What Does it Mean to Lose – Does That Make Me a Loser, I Need to Make Wise Choices, and more.

U6 Born: 2010-2011
U8 Born: 2008-2009

Two 2.5-hour practices per week

$200 per 3-month semester