Under 10 – Under 12

In Spring and Summer semesters we do soccer training. In Fall and Winter semesters we do basketball training.

There are 4 components to training an athlete: Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mindset.

Physical Training
At U10-U12, according to Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan, the athlete is to continue to develop Physical Literacy. The emphasis is on building a high level of fitness to be proficient in their chosen sport so they are more likely to continue a lifetime of sport activity. Also, if they are capable of achieving competitive or elite levels, they have a solid foundation to build upon increasing chances of success at provincial, national and international levels. Our Physical Training component includes agility, coordination, balance, speed and strength.

Technical Training
At U10-U12 we introduce technical components of the sport. At this time we offer programs for Soccer (Spring and Summer semesters) and Basketball (Fall and Winter semesters) at this level. The 5 components that we include in Technical training are Ball Skills, Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, Footwork. We break down each of these skills teaching the athletes proper technique and the result is increased confidence with the ball and in decision making. Our athletes are proficient dribblers, passers and shooters. Players improve their ball skills on average 222% within the first 6 months of training.

Character Training
All character training is based on biblical principal. Learning outcomes include: Separating Identity and Purpose from Performance, Giving First, Servant Leadership, Affecting the World Around Me, Making Good Decisions, Perseverance, Honor, Dealing With Peer Pressure, Dealing with Success, Dealing with Failure, Teamwork and more.

Tactical Training
At this age our main focus is on 1-on-1, 2-on-2, small sided games and basic decision making. This is in accordance with Basketball Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

At this time we are only offering the Under 10 and Under 12 program for Basketball players. Players use this program to get the physical and technical training they need to excel at their sport, make higher divisions in their leagues and help them achieve their goals.

We provide Progress Reports to each player every 6 months. Each of the above components is evaluated so that parents and athletes can monitor improvement.

All players must have the Atlantic Stars practice t-shirt, shorts and a ball for practices. These can be ordered in the Star Gear section. It’s not necessary to order a ball, you may bring your own.

Two 2.5-hour practices per week

U10 – born 2006-2007
U12 – born 2004-2005

Membership:  $200 per 3-month semester