I was fortunate to be a competitive athlete in my youth. I got to travel, experience some great coaches and mentors and meet a lot of influential people. Along the way I learned to deal with success, failure, manage my school work while maintaining a balanced life. Most importantly, through these experiences, God has given me confidence, vision and the passion to give the best training to aspiring athletes.

In my younger years I competed and trained through my own hard work, determination and talent seeing my identity in both my successes and my failures. Now I compete and practice knowing that God loves me regardless of my success or failure and that gives me a peace and joy for life and sport that has taken me to levels of success I couldn’t dream of. Atlantic Stars Academy is my way of giving back to sport and to kids and parents who want quality training but also want to know about life and do both better. We provide a safe environment for athletes to flourish and develop, free of pressure and politics. Constantly researching what is going on in the world about training, we turn that around and give you our best. We diligently maintain an atmosphere in which athletes can reach their maximum potential, be free to dream big and have permission to fail. That’s right! We want them to fail sometimes so that they don’t fear failure! What’s the worst that can happen? Maybe they’ll fall or lose a game. What matters is that these kids become vibrant people who grow up in our communities and become examples and leaders for others.

Our coaches patiently guide each athlete through our established Athlete Development Program which follows Sport Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Program. We will be the best training entity in Canada in each sport that we include in our program. The secret is the atmosphere and quality of coaches.

I still compete in my sport at a national level. It continues to give me joy and inspiration and to be able to show everyone what living with God in your life is all about. I sincerely hope that many others come to find this same peace, joy and life purpose.

We hope you enjoy your experience and it’s my pleasure to have you on the team!

Kate Kristoffel