Our Program

Strategic Skill Development

Players are challenged each week to learn and improve. This development strengthens their confidence and in turn helps them have more fun. The skills curriculum has been researched over 30 years and is strategic and intentional in ensuring that players have all the skills they need to play proficiently at higher competitive levels.

Character Development

Good character is critical for success in sports and life. Each practice, players learn and acquire skills to make wise decisions, separate their identity and purpose from the scoreboard, become leaders and ambassadors, and stand firm in doing the right thing even when surrounded by those doing the opposite.

Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy is just as important as language and math literacy. It is the ability to move the body competently and confidently. Children who are physically literate are confident, tend to continue their education, maintain healthy relationships, make wise decisions, reach higher levels of success in their sport and maintain a life of healthy active living. Time is dedicated every practice on physical literacy because it is a key to success in sport and life.


ASA parents are fantastic. They are an important part of the team. Parents are informed about what is being taught and how it’s making a difference in their children’s development. Together parents, players and coaches enjoy a culture of family.

Year Round

The ASA program is year-round because in order to be proficient at anything, athletes need to be part of a continuous program that tracks progress and builds skills methodically and strategically. Each semester runs after the next.


At Under-6, Under-8, Under-10 and Under-12, children should be doing multiple sports especially if they intend to specialize and compete at competitive and elite levels. It has been proven that the most successful athletes played multiple sports. The ASA schedule is basketball in the Fall and Winter semesters and soccer in the Spring and Summer semesters.

This program is for:

  • Parents who want their children to have confidence, success and good character.
  • Parents who want complete PHYSICAL LITERACY development for their children who play other sports such as hockey.
  • Parents who want their children to be not just physically active but physically literate.
  • Parents who want their children to learn to play soccer and basketball and have professional skill development.
  • Parents or children who feel they want to play sports at competitive or elite levels in the future.


Video is a powerful tool to help athletes perfect their technique and understand game strategy. Video teaching is used in the gym, on the field and in the classroom.