Our Core Values

Culture of Excellence

Jesus was excellent in every way. He didn’t show up and say, “That’s good enough” and then walk away from a task or relationship. The ASA coaches, players, parents and executive give their very best based on their abilities and resources.

The best training should not be for the select few that happen to show talent in the younger years. Children just need to be shown how to do things and they can achieve high levels of skill.

Culture of Honour

Honour means honesty, fairness and integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. In the ASA Character Development class time children are taught the principles and then encouraged to put them into action on the field and court. To honor means to do more than what is expected in how we treat others. Atlantic Stars athletes are ambassadors and its coaches, parents and executive embrace this role.

Culture of Encouragement

When children are in an atmosphere of encouragement, they thrive and that affects not only their athletic performance but all areas of their life. Success is not sustainable when coming from an atmosphere of condemnation, judgement, performance and fear.

Culture of Family

Family works together to encourage, support, protect, forgive, teach and help one another. There is safety in family when healthy family relationships are pursued. When there is safety there is permission to fail, permission to try new things with freedom and no fear of failure. There is strength to persevere in tough situations. There is a variety of talent and experience to draw on to produce a superior result. Most of all, there is more fun!

Culture of Mission

Sports is not simply about kicking a ball, shooting a puck or winning games. The ASA embraces a greater mission, our experience in sports transforms us into a whole new level of play. (How?)

Culture of Giving

It is more important to give than to receive. The simple act of giving matures individuals and puts perspective on the world. Giving builds relationships and communities and it starts with everyday actions and interactions.