International Academies


Joseph Nirmalraj leads several academies throughout India that compete against other clubs. Through sport, skilled leadership and coaching, girls build confidence so they are not as likely to be lured or stolen into the sex slave industry. Coaches are trained to be life coaches just as much technical trainers. Boys grow into responsible and respectable men. We are truly raising community leaders and world changers through sport in the most difficult areas of the world.











Malawi, Africa

Honest Nkhwazi and his team travel to various cities training men and women to be life coaches as well as technical trainers opening academies throughout Malawi. Most of the children in these academies live in the bush with no parents and fend for themselves. They love sport so they gladly come to practice where they gain a sense of belonging and significance, learn self-leadership and take responsibility for their lives. Why do they come to practice? It’s a source of joy in their challenging lives and the coaches become like older brothers and fathers to them.






Sierra Leone, Africa

Bayou Conteh is the founder and head coach. Although the boys get quality football training, the goal is to mentor them and raise wise community leaders to be bankers, teachers, businessmen and fathers. We use sport as a valuable tool for teaching teamwork, leadership, patience, decision making, critical thinking, responsibility and so much more including FUN!