What Motivates You?

What motivates you? Most athletes will name one or more of the following: friends, winning, scoring, trophies and medals, exercise, coach(es), parents, improving, making a team, getting a uniform or tracksuit, traveling, proving I can do it, getting an ice cream after the game and for some, making money.


These are great motivators until they aren’t available or attainable. All of these things are external motivators and they come and go. So then what? What will keep you at the top of your game? What if you become injured or your coach gets replaced? What if your friends don’t make the team? Only one athlete or team can win, so if you don’t win what does that mean for your next game or practice?


When we place our hope and motivation in something that isn’t dependable or stable we are putting ourselves and our performance at risk. That’s stressful, not reliable and not wise. A wise person chooses a motivator that is stable and is a cause for good that is greater than him/herself.


This type of motivation must come from within – an internal motivator. Jesus had a goal – to come and save us so we can live forever. He could only do this if he loved us at the deepest level because he faced incredible obstacles, people hunting him down to kill him and in the end, the most gruesome, painful death. Yet he never lost focus and never backed down. His motivation came from within – his love for us.


As Christian athletes, Jesus lives in us and when we ask him to be our sole motivator we can live, compete and practice like He did. Ask Jesus to show you what it means to play for him and tap into his love for you. Watch a video of His last day and know that he endured that for you.