Motivated Kids Are More Successful

Motivated kids are more successful and are set up for success in life.

Motivation – to PURSUE (go after) a goal with PERSISTANCE (don’t give up).

Entitlement – to believe that we deserve a privilege or special treatment.

Motivation and entitlement are the opposite of each other.

Highly motivated athletes
• Arrive on time
• Their equipment is in good shape and they have it all for practice
• They have good time management skills
• They’re always ready to try something new
• They’re willing to remember, concentrate and focus
• They’re willing to make a change and grow or get better
• Don’t need extrinsic motivators such as trophies or prizes, but rather they find joy in the challenge and the chance to improve or grow

Entitled athletes
• Show up late
• Don’t have their equipment, equipment is dirty or in not in good shape
• Can’t find things, leave the team to get water when they’re thirsty rather than wait for break time, don’t come in quickly when coach calls
• Aren’t wiling to be challenged or try something new, give minimal effort and don’t challenge themselves
• Don’t remember drills after they’ve been explained
• Don’t bring their A-game, stay at the same level and don’t improve, don’t aspire to play better, don’t aspire to be all God called them to be. They coast.
• Try harder and do better when there is a prize or reward

In North America, entitlement is a prevalent approach to living in our society.

1. What things do you do that make you a highly motivated athlete?
2. What things do you do that make you an entitled athlete?
3. People, including children, that are highly motivated end up being more successful. What is your goal as an athlete? What can you do differently today to be more motivated to achieve this goal (use the list above)?

1 Corinthians 9:25
Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

As Christians our motivation is to be like Jesus. Jesus came to die for us so we could live. He was highly motivated. So motivated that he endured a lot of pain, ridicule and even death for us. He got his motivation from his LOVE for us and by being OBEDIENT to his Father.