What is Your Child’s Castle?

What is Your Child’s Castle?

Chateau Paradis 10

Just look what I found last week as I explored the Hubbards area of Nova Scotia. By chance I drove down a dirt road to see what I could find. I came around a corner and here was this fantastic castle nestled at the side of an unpretentious little cove. The name emblazoned in the sun on the front says “Chateau Paradis”.

What kind of a mind dreams of such homes? What kind of a person takes that dream and makes it a reality? Obviously creativity plays a part. But don’t you think this mind sees no boundaries, has no fear fear, has hope and lives by the highest standards.

What if we all thought like that? What if we were not bound by fear of fitting in and let our imaginations fly? What if we saw no boundaries of what was possible… or at least the boundaries where significantly broader? What if we actually put into action what we really wanted to do or be?

This castle represents that kind of mindset. And now, the couple that built this home is probably living contented that they have built their dream. There are no regrets. They put it all out there despite being told their project was too ambitious or unrealistic. Now everyone is admiring their work, perhaps enviously.

What if we encouraged our children, our athletes to think like this? Sochi Olympians Meryl Davis, Elena Ilinyk, Chloe and Justine Dufour-Laponte have achieved their dreams and they all attribute their success to parents and coaches who believed in them and encouraged them.

Fear is learned, and it’s what interferes with our hopes and dreams, rendering us incapacitated from achieving our dreams. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism, fear of pain, … the list is endless. We know the formula for success. These Olympians tell us straight up. There is no secret.

What are you doing to encourage your child-athlete to achieve their castle today?

What’s your castle? What are you going to do about it? Excuse me now while I get to work on mine.