Are You Still Doing Sports the OLD WAY?

There is a NEW WAY of doing sports… and its better. This means your kids will no longer be part of the statistics of sport injury, attrition and sub-standard skill levels compared to the rest of Canada and the world. Parents, one important component to the new way is your education. Developing athletes should no longer be done the way it was when we were kids. Get educated so that your kids aren’t left behind. There are kids in Nova Scotia that are getting the benefit of this new system. For the next few months we will break down this new way of doing things so that you are up to date.

What IS the New Way?
In 2004, after being the only host country to fail to win a gold medal (Montreal, Calgary), Sport Canada decided to research how it can turn around the way sport is done in Canada. 75% of our kids quit sport at age 12 (University of Iowa, 2009). Our elite athletes weren’t as successful internationally compared to much smaller, less wealthy countries such as Germany.

Cathy Priestner Allinger was hired to complete a study which used research from elite coaches, sport physiologists, sport psychologists and elite athletes. The result was the Long Term Athlete Development Plan (LTAD). The plan outlined the shortfalls of the old way of doing sports in Canada and how to turn things around to achieve two things:
1) Keep kids in sports for a lifetime
2) Ensure greater success for our competitive and elite athletes

It Works!
Canada went from winning not one medal on home turf at an olympics to winning 26 gold medals and finishing 3rd in the total medal count in Vancouver 2010.

Only 2 athletes from Nova Scotia were on the Vancouver Olympic Team: Sydney Crosby (hockey) and Sarah Conrad (snowboard). It’s now time for Nova Scotia to have access to the LTAD. Many local volunteer driven clubs are not familiar with the LTAD. Some are familiar and claim to implement it but few are actually using it.

We are educating parents about the LTAD so that you can make sure your kids are getting the best. There are a few ways you can join in this education program:
1) Join us at our next free information session held at your local SuperStore Community Room. Please contact us to register:
2) Sign up for our weekly blogs for continuing articles.
3) Register your kids in our programs. We are currently accepting 15 Under-6’s and 15 Under-8’s in each of the Dartmouth, Halifax and Bedford/Sackville areas.