Dream Team comes to Atlantic Stars

We have just successfully formed an Advisory Team for Atlantic Stars
Academy which is exciting and necessary to move forward to achieve future plans. For the parents and players this means continued growth and improvement in programs. It is our goal to become one of the best training facilities in Canada. Each time we meet it is our goal to encourage innovation and leading edge thinking that can be passed down through improved programming to you.

Our Advisory Team to be the dream team of sport experts and developers in NS. The members are Scott Logan, Brian Todd and Mike MacKay.

Scott Logan: holds 12 national championships in canoeing as an athlete and has competed internationally. He was also a national team coach representing Canada
at world championships and Olympic games. Scott developed Canoe/Kayak Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan. While in his post as CEO of Sport Nova Scotia, the organization was turned around as he developed sport, coach and athlete development programs raising Nova Scotia’s presence at national championships and abroad.

Mike MacKay: has just returned to NS after being the Technical Director for Basketball Canada. Mike in infamous for analyzing the game, breaking it down and creating innovative ways to develop basketball players. His analytical mind is like no other and he created the current National Coaching Certification Program and training curriculum for Basketball Canada. He is now back in NS however travels most weekends delivering coach and player development camps all over Canada. Mike understands the game of basketball AND knows how to teach it more than anyone else.

Brian Todd: is the current National Team Coach for Sail Canada. 4 Olympic Games, 8 Canada Games and too-many-to-count National Championships adorn Brian’s belt. He developed the Long Term Athlete Development Plan for Sail Canada and currently mentors other national level coaches. Brian has “been-there-done-that” creating athlete development programs for both sailing and alpine skiing that were innovative, leading edge and had un-heard of concepts that are now practiced throughout Canada. He is not afraid to be different if it means giving the athletes what they need to be the best they can be.

One of the first things that this Advisory Team has prompted as a change
is the creative training we’ll be doing throughout June… more on that later…