Get the Perfect Shot Everytime – Watch Videos

Watching videos of athletes doing specific skills makes a positive image in your mind. It makes it easier to complete the skill using good technique. Elite athletes
use this technique all the time to teach their mind how to do the skill. Watch
it many times over and it will stick.

After enough repetitions the mind actually fires up the corresponding nerves and
muscles to make the action happen. When you go to execute the skill, the body
will react by completing it with the same technique. This takes time however
and video must be watched many times repeatedly over a period of time.

Here are two videos we use to show basketball players to do a free throw and a jump
shot. We chose these because of the consistency that Kobe Bryant uses perfect
technique and the video repeats several times.

Try it yourself. However make sure you find videos of athletes using the same
technique that you are being taught. Check it out with your coach to make sure.

This video shows the timing of the release on a jump shot. The release
should happen only once you reach the peak of your jump.

This video shows consistent perfect technique and form for a free throw.