Are You Confusing Your Kids?

How do you handle this situation? Your boss gives you a direction and his boss
comes along and gives you a different direction. It puts you in an awkward
situation. You have some options: (1) somehow try to accommodate both (2) don’t
follow either direction (3) complete one directive but not the other. Anyway you
slice it you’re going to feel uneasy and confused about what’s expected of you.

Athletes are put in this situation every day when they get instruction from both coach and parent. Young people feel it even worse because we have taught them to respect adults and not to talk back or argue. Even if they did approach the coach or
parent and explain the situation it is often met with the answer, “listen to
me”. We see athletes looking to the sidelines for approval regularly.

Effective teachers focus on one teaching point per skill per practice. This allows athletes to master that one aspect of the skill before moving on. When the athlete is given multiple instructions and multiple things to fix, their minds simply cannot process it all. They get discouraged, think they aren’t good enough, self esteem suffers and they eventually quit.

Ideally each party should do what they do best. Athletes should learn. Parents should support and nurture. Coaches should teach. This is the environment in which
everyone thrives. As a parent, if you have questions or concerns about what is
being taught, consult with the coach. Questions and concerns, if handled properly,  are healthy and maintain a good environment for your child!