What Are You Fueling Your Body With?

Would you put water in your gas tank? Of course you wouldn’t because that would stop your car from working and destroy the engine. Feeding your body junk food, or even worse cigarette smoke or drugs does the same thing to your body.

As an athlete you can’t afford to destroy your body with harmful substances because it slows you down, causes breathing problems and stops you from performing your best.

Now consider the food you’re eating. Is it full of chemicals, preservatives and high in fat? If it is you’re poisoning yourself and not fueling yourself with the stuff that will make your body perform for you at practices and games. It’s kinds like putting your shoes on the wrong feet and expecting yourself to perform your best. Or playing with your hands tied behind your back and expecting to score.

Ditch the junk food and eat natural and organic foods so your body will be fueled up properly and ready to perform for you. It makes no sense to drive yourself hard and spend lots of money on training only to go home and poison yourself¬†with junk food. Think about every single thing you’re putting in your gas tank and stay ahead of your competition!