Planting Seeds

Investing in quality programs for your child is like planting seeds. You plant them when they’re young by exposing them to programs that include basic skills involving running, coordination, throwing, catching, kicking and so on. The best competitive programs have junior programs that spend a lot of time on seemingly non-sport related exercises.

In our programs we develop with this philosophy.

U6-U8               We’re making the footings of the building that all future skills will be built on

U10-U12            We’re putting in the beams, doors, electrical wiring and plumbing

U14-U16            Time for drywall doors and light fixtures

U18                      Putting in the cabinets, flooring and painting

Varsity/Pro        Decorating the rooms with wall hangings, furniture and accessories

You cannot put wall hangings up in a building that only has a concrete foundation.
You cannot expect an 8 year old to do a layup when he hasn’t learned to jump properly.

You have to put the electrical wiring and plumbing in before you put up the drywall.
There are specific windows of time when the body is able to be taught speed, strength and power.

 Conscientious parents seek out good developmental programs for their kids. The best coaches and programs know when and how to develop athletes whether that person is destined to play professional sports or simply to maintain an active lifestyle. If we plant the seeds at the right time, water and fertilize them at critical times, our children will be more successful and remain in sports for a long time because they have a solid foundation.