What Makes a World Class Athlete?

Hundreds of researchers have spent thousands of hours and Sport Canada has spent thousands of dollars on our sport development programs. Why didn’t Canada qualify for the World Cup?

We have better facilities than half the countries participating in the World Cup. We are one of the richest countries on the planet.  We have excellent training programs and academies spread across the country with coaches hailing from Europe and South America. Why aren’t they able to develop the players to feed a national team?

Of course there are logistical problems getting a team together on a regular basis when players come from across the country. But that doesn’t stop our hockey teams from being successful.

3rd world nations have made it to the World Cup including Cote d’Ivoire.  Honduras is the poorest nation north of the equator with 7.3 million of its people living in poverty. There was revently a political coup causing death and destruction. Yet they managed to qualify a team to the World Cup.

ATTITUDE! People from these countries are mentally tough. They want it and they go after it. Canadians are insulated and isolated from what it really takes to achieve. If we had a better facility we’d play better. If we had a better uniform we’d play better. If we had better coaches we’d play better. Honduras has proven that none of this is necessary.

Countries like Argentina and Brazil have it all. They got attitude AND facilities, coaches and money. They’ve got the whole package which is what will get them to the top. 

If Canada is to succeed, we need to expose our athletes to the right work ethic. I suggest we do that by travelling outside our provinces for the little ones and outside our country for the older ones. Atlantic Stars Academy has taken young athletes to Ontario and Quebec and it’s a real eye opener. Each year we returned we got better and better.