Thank You to John Stickland of the Rainmen – Feb 8, 2010

John Strickland of the Rainmen has developed a special friendship with one of our players. His personal interest in being involved with youth, sport development and the community is passionate and generous. To show appreciation for his interest and generosity one of our parents is organizing an event. Everyone is welcome including players and family so we’re passing this along.

A section of seats is being booked for the Feb 20 game and it will be the John Stickland cheering section. This is being organized with the Rainmen marketing person and I want to clarify that there is no profit being made by the parents coordinating this event. This is just a return of goodwill. The cost to book a seat is as follows:

adult with John Strickland tshirt- 30.00
child with John Strickland t shirt- 25.00
seat only- 11.00 for adult or child

Even if you were planning on going to the game anyway, think about booking seats with the group so it will be more fun and support John. For further information and to book tickets please contact Wendy Rashid at

Thanks Wendy for your thoughtfulness and organization!